FAQ’s about Prestige Misty Annex


Description and Exact location of Prestige Misty Annex


What are the Key Distances around the locations


Key Persons Involved in the Architecture and Design of the Master Plan


Commence date and Expected date of completion


Different Configuration available along with their Size


What are the Facilities available in the Prestige Misty Annex

Prestige Misty Annex will have a wide clubhouse

  • Library
  • Mini Theatre
  • Health Club
  • Banquet Hall
  • Gym
  • Couple of Badminton
  • Squash Courts
  • Kid’s play area
  • Table Tennis
  • Swimming Pool

What about the Construction Phase and Time line of Completion


Any difference in the price based on the floor and orientation of apartment


What is the Procedure to Book a unit at Prestige Misty Annex

Identify your choice of Apartment Unit from the available options.

Fill the Booking Application along with required documents listed in our Website, Originals should be produced during the verification.

Amount can be cleared through Cheque/DD favoring “Prestige Misty Annex Estates Projects Limited”,Balance 20% of the sale value to be paid by Post Dated Cheque (PDC) dated 30 days from the date of booking.

What Happens There After

You need to submit Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) towards the remaining Installments with in 15 days against which u will receive a Letter of allotment followed by the Agreements after completion of allotment process.

When do I get Confirmation about an Allotment

You need to submit Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) towards the remaining Installments with in 15 days against which u will receive a Letter of allotment followed by the Agreements after completion of allotment process.

What Happens There After

After payment made towards the booking amount along with the additional 20% of sale value has been done followed by Post Dated Cheques for remaining amount would confirm your Allotment

Can I make a 100% Down payment

Yes, But this would be in process for a limited period, for further details you could inquire our sales Department.

Mode of Payments for Installments and its Time bound?

Installments should be made from post dated cheques as described early and its time bound would be mentioned in the payment schedule.

What happens if I cancel my Booking

1% of the sale value will be forfeited before Agreements and 15% of the Sale value will be forfeited after Agreements as cancellation fee and balance would be returned.

What about Car Parking Space

Every resident is allowed with a Parking space for a car .However additional parking would come at addition in cost prevailing if space available after construction.

Modification within the units are permitted

Every Individual units has given equal preference with the custom designed interiors and best quality utilities installed which would please any one with its variety don’t need any modification.

Any issues with the Title of the project


What about the Approvals


What are the Agreements that needed to be signed

Agreement of Sell, Agreement to Construct, followed by Sale deed at possession..

What is process of Assignment


Details about the compensation if any delays in construction and possession

Prestige Misty Annex will pay 8% per annum on the collected amount which will be clearly brought out in the agreements(* Conditions apply)

Any Addition Amounts

BESCOM & BWSSB charges, Maintenance Charge, Power Backup charges, Registration charges, Khata Assessment Charges, VAT, Service Tax etc…. should be paid as per the guidelines provided during possession.

What about Maintenance of the Property

The property would be maintained by Prestige Misty AnnexManagement and services on behalf there would be some charges made towards it.

Has Prestige Misty Annex been approved by banks/housing finance institutions(HFIs) for loan


What is my responsibility for disbursement of the installments through HFIs

It is the responsibility of the individual Customer to ensure timely disbursement of installments from HFIs and no demand will be made for our side .To facilitate smooth payments,customers are required to issue a consent letter.Post dated cheques(PDCs) handed over for the installments will be returned on receipt of the payment from the HFI.

What is the Scheme for maintenance

The scheme of maintenance is as follows.

A sum of Rs.50 per sft will be charged as the advance maintenance fee for the first year and will be collected at the time of your account.From the second year onwards, maintenance charges will be levied as decided by the Association/Prestige Misty Annex Property Management & Services.All future are to be made favoring the property management company.

An additional sum of Rs. 50 per sft corresponding to the super built area will be collected as sinking fund.This amount will be deposited in an Escrow account and the accruals will be used for major expenditure.

What happens if I have any more questions/clarifications

For further clarification you are always welcome to quote your doubts and concerns about the project through our website which would be sorted down the timeline.

Call us on: +91 8553159202